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Lukasz Rog

Filmmaker, Storyteller, Editor. POLAND.


Lukasz Rog is an independent, self-taught film enthusiast from Rzeszów (Poland). For years he has been passionate about creating music videos and commercials because all his life while listening to the music (that is most important to him), he sees images to it.

In 2021 Lukasz directed his first feature film NO STARS ANYMORE which has been awarded at 38 international film festivals and also he won the main awards at 11 of them, including the best film of the year and the best directorial debut.

The most interesting fact about NO STARS ANYMORE is that it was created by one person entirely. Lukasz was responsible for everything on the set, from directing, production, post-production, sound, editing, lighting, set design, script, clothes and all the rest, having no one else to help while doing this.

After the success of NO STARS ANYMORE, Lukasz created LUKRA FILMS, a film production company with the aim of creating an international breathtaking, Hollywood look like movies, with passionate people from all around the world.

Lukasz is currently working on three new films that he wants to direct and produce by himself.
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